Instructions for blog authors


The blog aims to discuss timely matters from a critical and research informed perspective. The blog’s audience ranges from lay persons, journalists, students, civil society actors and activists, academics to others who are interested in questions related to racism and borders.

Raster blog welcomes texts in Finnish, Swedish or English. Video and audio contributions are also welcomed.

We encourage you to pay attention to high readability and warmly welcome popularizations of academic work. However, the texts should be informed by research and possibly contain some references to academic work. The authors are responsible for the fact-check and correct referencing of statistics etc.

The blog also considers publishing public statements that entail a research informed perspective.

The preferred length for a text is between 2000-10 000 characters (with spaces). Long texts should preferably include a few subtitles.

Bibliographical references should be inserted with the text editor program’s (e.g. Word) automatically generated endnotes. Please note that the references should not be included in the text. Links to other websites are embedded into the text. Please mark the right location for the link with the comment function and copy-paste the link into the comment.

You can send your contributions to the blog to Suvi Keskinen (suvi.keskinen a t or Minna Seikkula (minna.seikkula a t