Promoting anti-racist conversations in/from Geography and Geology (Interview)

A team of early-career researchers at the Department of Geography and Geology of the University of Turku organized the seminar “Racism: What is it and why does it matter to us all” (May 2021). In a retrospective conversation with RASTER.FI’s Leonardo Custódio, the organizers – (in alphabetical order) Thomas Behrndt, Salla Eilola, Hanna Heino, Tikli Loivaranta, Camilla Marucco and Miriam Tedeschi – reflect about the experience of discussing racism as geographers. Photo by Jon Tyson/Unsplash.

Black feminism in the Nordics – an interview with Jasmine Kelekay

In its March special issue, the magazine ASTRA discussed Black Feminism in the Nordics remarkably featuring the work of Black writers, scholars and artists. In a conversation with RASTER.FI’s Leonardo Custódio, guest editor Jasmine Kelekay (University of California, Santa Barbara) reflects about her trajectory in academia and the experience of putting together ASTRA’s historic publication.

Åbo Akademi Students Discuss ”Pandemic of Color”

In this interview with our editor-in-chief Leonardo Custódio, students of the Master’s Programme in Social Exclusion (Åbo Akademi, Turku) talk about the virtual, one-day seminar “Pandemic of color: Race, racialization, and health”, which they organize on May 21st, 2021.