Letter from the new editors: RASTER as a collective space for imagining worlds without Racism 

Dear reader,

We are excited to join the editorial journey of RASTER that has so far been built on dialogue at the intersections of anti-racist and migration research, with a focus on making such works accessible to broader publics. We hope to expand the policy of publishing in multiple languages, in addition to English, Finnish and Swedish. We are especially interested to stage conversations that allow us to move beyond the “global” (often English and Anglo-centric concepts, contexts and debates) versus “local” (often seen as homogenous national contexts) divide in the language, vocabularies and glossaries of anti-racism.  

How to listen to the silences of everyday actions, knowledges and resistances against racism that are not yet labelled as “anti-racist”? How to continue our work when the language of anti-racism is co-opted by liberal multiculturalism which depoliticizes actions, conversations and structural changes against state violence and structural racism? Which anti-racist stories gain more visibility at the cost of closing off other stories framed as misplaced and/or disturbing the “good vibes” of the Nordic welfare states?  

We ask these questions as we navigate and resist academic structures that individualise research while overburdening the individual. While we recognise the labour of social reproduction in keeping academic and public spheres going, and the growing strain of “extra” work and increasing burnouts, we want to resist the sense of an “academy of misery”.  

We refuse to believe that intellectual work requires alienation and individual suffering. To us, this editorial work is not an individualistic investment in labour and an extra burden, but a collective space without which we cannot survive and thrive! A space to build collectivities and forms of sociality to imagine worlds without racism.  

As Stefano Harney and Fred Moten put it beautifully, “intellectual life is already at work around us”. Rather than simply popularizing scientific debates, we ask how scientific knowledge comes to be produced in ways that keep structural racism in place while delegitimising certain knowledges as “not scientific” and “not yet” good enough.  

Here especially we are interested in learning from student contributions that are otherwise thrown in the bin after being graded. We would like to see this as a starting point to invite different configurations of actors inside and outside the university to come in conversations by drawing on daily encounters and lived experiences producing situated knowledges against racism.  

We see ourselves as hosting a range of emotionalities, tones and a cacophony of voices such work of active imagining demands. We are fellow travelers with you, dear contributors and readers, in making RASTER a collective space for imagining and creating worlds without Racism! 

Dear all, 

We, Kolar Aparna, Daria Krivonos and Aino Nevalainen, are the new editors of Raster! We are very excited to build on Minna’s and Leonardo’s wonderful work and join this editorial journey! We look forward to maintaining and creating new anti-racist collectivities together.

In the new year 2023, we hope to engage with students and collectives outside the university to come in conversations by drawing on daily encounters and lived experiences.  

We invite multilingual reflections, commentaries, essays, podcasts, maps, manifestos, artistic interventions, calls for action, among others, that work towards imagining and creating worlds without racism! On how to contribute, please see the page ”To Contributors/Kirjoittajille”.