Worthy Lives and Building Homes

Grace I-An Gao

Taiwanese architect Hsieh’s installation during Helsinki Design Week 2017 changed my views about the racism debate and the imagination of borders. Although the installation has ended, the implication is profoundly valid and still worthwhile to help us discover the power embedded in the community. It engages people to ponder the important questions from the refugee communities: ”Whose life is worthy? Whose suffering is recognized? Who counts as human?” (for related discussion see Näre, 2018). There is no one universal answer to these profound questions, but a constant attempt to engage, negotiate and redefine. Specifically, Hsieh’s architecture installation enables me to get to know the people from the Right to Live demonstration. Lue loppuun

On aika haastaa valkoisen pelastajan asenne

Rasisminvastainen tutkijaverkosto RASTER tukee SahWira Africa Internationalin esittämää kritiikkiä ja vaatimuksia palkittua PLAN International Finlandin “Äitiysvaatteita 12-vuotiaalle” kampanjaa kohtaan. Haluamme myös kannustaa muita järjestöjä jatkamaan kriittistä keskustelua tavoista, jolla toistuvasti puhutaan ruskeiden ja mustien naisten puolesta ja lähdetään ”pelastamaan heitä”. Lue loppuun

It’s time to challenge white saviour mentality

The antiracist research network RASTER supports the criticism and demands raised by SahWira Africa International towards the recent award-winning PLAN International Finland campaign “Maternity wear for a 12-year old”. We also encourage other organisations to continue the critical discussion about the repetitive gesture of speaking on behalf of and “saving brown women”. Lue loppuun