Listen to the discussion on antiracist activism and challenging normative whiteness

What are the central questions for antiracism today and what kinds of strategies do activists and researchers use in their struggles towards an antiracist future? What is critical antiracist activism and how are understandings of it related to our intersecting positionalities? These are some of the questions that were addressed by activists and researchers in a panel discussion, organised by Raster network, at the Antiracist Forum.

The discussion is available here:


By listening to the podcast,  you can follow the discussion of the Swedish activists Wendy Francis (Arga flickor & Interfem), Suada Gruda (StreetGäris) and Araia Ghirmai Sebhatu (Black Coffee) and the Finnish researchers Anna Rastas (University of Tampere) and Leena Suurpää (Finnish Youth Research Society). The panelists talked about different kinds of antiracist activities and how to challenge normative whiteness. The discussion took place at Cultural Centre Caisa in Helsinki on the October 1st.